• Prohibited for transfer:


    1. Firearms, signal weapons, pneumatic, gas weapons, ammunition, edged weapons (including throwing weapons), devices and spark dischargers, and major parts of firearms;
    2. Narcotics and narcotics of any origin, psychotropic substances;
    3. Radioactive substances;
    4. Gunpowder, explosives, corrosive, flammable, and other dangerous substances;
    5. Drugs;
    6. Animals and plants;
    7. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products;
    8. Human Remains and Organs;
    9. Antiques;
    10. Jewelry made of gold, silver and other precious metals;
    11. Works of art;
    12. Money and monetary documents in any form: money orders, checks, vouchers, securities, bonds, coupons, stocks, credit cards;
    13. Articles and publications of obscene and immoral nature/content;
    14. Radiotelephones;
    15. Propane tanks;
    16. Liquid Ice;
    17. Acids (including batteries);
    18. Adhesives;
    19. Paints and dyes;
    20. Biological Components.
    21. Dog and cat food
  • According to the 9th sanctions package it is forbidden for transfer:


    1. PC components (now not just processors, but everything: RAM, hard drives, video cards, keyboards, mice, monitors, cases, etc.) – any
    2. Electronics components (transistors, resistors, boards, chips, machine parts) – any
    3. Radio controlled and contained motor toys (cars, trains, planes, helicopters, etc.) – any
    4. Drones – any
    5. Weapons, any parts for weapons (even buttstocks, etc.).
    6. Clothes and Shoes – more than 300 euros apiece.
    7. Household electronics (humidifier, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner) 750 euros apiece.
    8. Electronic musical instruments (DJ set, sound effector) – more than 1500 euros apiece
    9. Lenses and lenses for cameras – any
    10. Car parts – more then 300 euros per piece
    11. Quartz or mechanical wrist watch – more than 300 euros apiece
    12. echo sounders, fish finder, transducer, cartplotter devices – any
    13. GPS navigators – any
    14. laptops, tablets, assembled computers – any
    15. Smart phones, cell phones, smart watches and fitness bracelets – more than 750 apiece
    16. All types of soldering irons
    17. Oils (automobile and motorcycle) and similar products from refined oil – any
    18. Musical instruments (any drums, any guitars, any pianos, wind instruments) – more than 300 euros per piece
    19. Generators (gasoline and diesel) – any.
    20. Binoculars, telescopes – any
    21. Audio speakers, headphones – more than 1000 per piece
    22. Digital video and photo cameras (the device itself, not the lens) – more than 1000 apiece
    23. Game consoles, consoles – up to 750 apiece
    24. Landline phones, docking stations for mobile phones – any.
  • The 10th package of sanctions:

    Please note that with the entry into force of the 10th sanctions package, used items are also prohibited.
    This means that attachments marked as used, personal items, used, gebraucht, and similar are not allowed to be sent and as such should not appear in the files.
    The ruling refers to an absolute prohibition, without reference to the value of the goods.

    Attachments must be described in detail, without generalizing categories. “Items”, “clothing” should be described by name: n.p. pants, socks, shirt, etc.

    Such goods as: machine oil, brake pads, filters, bearings, belts grm and other belts and many other spare parts for motor vehicles, are prohibited for export.

    A complete list of sanctioned goods can be found here

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